Al Rayyan Precinct


Project Small
TYPE: Stadium
SEATS: 50,000 Tournament 20,000 Legacy
CLIENT: The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
SERVICE Provide Full Architectural & Masterplanning Services
 AREA:  69 Hectares

Multi-Venue Sports Precinct

Al Rayyan, Qatar
Al Rayyan Precinct

Al Rayyan precinct is located at the edge of metropolitan Doha. Al Rayyan is known in Qatar as the gateway to the desert. As such, the precinct is designed according to the logic of a desert wadi.

The 69 Hectare Al Rayyan Precinct is located at the edge of metropolitan Doha and acts as a gateway site, connecting the city to the east and the desert to the west. A ribbon of public space, known as the “Wadi”, is used to define and interconnect the “Desert” and “City” elements across the site, allowing visitors to oscillate between the two environments. The Masterplan interprets the Stadium and Precinct buildings and training facilities as a series of “stops” along a primary pedestrian route. The vision is for a sports precinct that provides elite athlete training and competition, as well as public recreation. Visitors are encouraged to engage in healthier lifestyles by participating in more physical activity, be it in the sports facilities or using the walking and cycle paths across the Precinct. In this way, the Masterplan supports the Qatar National Vision 2030. The Precinct is also designed to be a landmark civic space. It enhances the excitement and sense of atmosphere by building a sense of arrival for visitors. On non-match days, the design allows visitors of all ages to enjoy the Precinct during the day and the evening through public spaces of differing scales and types.