Our methodology is founded on rigorous analysis that informs contextual design solutions.

Research is a key design driver for Pattern. We approach each project from first principles, utilising the idea of patterns to address what makes a place unique: local culture, climate, urban design, and natural systems.

3D and parametric modelling tools are at the centre of our design process, and we use them to quickly develop many design concepts to evaluate using simulation and testing software. Many of our projects involve complex geometry that is developed through bespoke-written algorithmic definitions and parametric scripts. Our in-house 3D printer, Virtual Reality gear, and rapid-prototyping facilities allow us to physically test our digital models, and feed the results back into the design.

Our studios in London, Edinburgh and Peru are welcoming and creative spaces, where everyone in the team shares their skills and ideas to realise innovative designs. Our processes are highly collaborative, and we work closely with our clients and project partners to develop integrated multi-disciplinary design solutions. We are also industry leaders in BIM workflows, and develop our designs in a detailed BIM environment that allows full inter-disciplinary integration for 4, 5, and 6D BIM (i.e. cost, time, and facilities management). We are one of the few architectural practices in the UK to be BIM Level 2 accredited.

In all stages of a project, we are committed to delivering high-quality design that is innovative, modern, and of its place.



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